Jacinta Duffy
Angels by name, angels by nature! Thank you for providing the most wonderful service by three of the loveliest and most professional ladies you will ever meet. Everything was perfect.

Alex Belcher
The children’s rooms in particular looked amazing. They were speechless. They’ve never had folded underpants before!

Susie Lockens
I was sceptical about unpacking ie. How would I find my things? However the process and placement of items was logical and easy to follow. I was wrapt with the service and would definitely use them again.

Mrs Hocking
The efficiency of the whole operation couldn’t have been better. I appreciated the consideration given to the job both before and during the move.

Liborio Lucera
You are definitely angels! Our move was stress free for both of us and especially my wife considering the move was two weeks before the birth of our third child.

Heather Rutherford
As a working mother, moving my family felt impossible. Jane and her crew were amazing, a hard working bunch that were swift, careful and unpacked better than if I’d done it. Worth every cent of the reasonable rates they charge.

Fern Russel
An efficient, friendly, cheerful and cooperative team. They made such a difference to a stressful time by being so helpful at making an empty house into a home. Thank you.

Patti Pierce
The luxury of having my kitchen unpacked on the first day was worth every cent.

Jan Delmo
We loved the service. We found all the staff extremely helpful, friendly and professional. We would recommend your company.

Lynne Whyte
My initial inquiry was responded to the next day by personal call. The team of ladies represented themselves in a very friendly and professional manner.

Leah Menzies
It made moving home so easy. Everyone was amazed at how quickly we settled into our new home.

Debra Wellam
I can’t thank you enough! Nothing broken, all boxes clearly labelled. I wish I’d booked you to unpack too!

Judy Brooks
The ladies that came to unpack were indeed angels. Their professionalism was excellent and to have my home liveable on the same day was beyond expectations.

Natalie Dillon
It made moving a breeze, even with three kids under five.

Karen Felder
Thank you for the great care and logic you took.

Lou Kiran
The service was efficient, well organised, beautifully packed and unpacked.

Lisa Mitchell
I was given a detailed explanation of the service pre-booking and a confirmation call the day before the move. An extremely professional service. Highly recommended.

Cindy Sakalas
I have three small children and I knew there was no way I could pack and unpack myself and still remain sane. Jane was very helpful in planning a stress free move.

Josh Ackman
The staff were very friendly and they came up with good ideas for storage.

Madeline Bent
Having three small children and a home office to relocate it was brilliant having the Angels pack and unpack our house. Thank you!

Marilyn McBriar
All the angels seemed to know exactly what to do and they did it with such speed and expertise. The kitchen was cleverly thought out and I haven’t wanted to change a thing- and I’m fussy!

Steven Ryan
We couldn’t have done it without the Moving Angels! We were able to settle both properties on the same day and go overseas the following day without being stressed about coming home to a house filled with boxes.

Jill Dunn
My unpacker was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. She had to work under extreme pressure and she handled it superbly.

Joel Redman
Marvellous!! You can’t imagine how much time you saved us. Thank you.

Clare Boulton
My things were tidied away neatly where I’d expect to find them. I never expected our small and old kitchen to be so functional from day one. A luxury worth affording.

Susan Katz
Moving Angels was just what we needed. Their flexibility, particularly with an ever changing packing date, professionalism and efficiency made a stressful and overwhelming process smooth and calm.

Sue Ploog
Moving day was a real joy. The Moving Angels made things happen in a wonderfully practical way. We could not have done without them.

David Woods
We were very happy and impressed by your superb team involved with our move. Keep up the good work.

Linda Batson
I must say we were delighted with the moving assistance. The customer service from the packers was excellent; they were so friendly and helpful all the way. It certainly makes a difference when undertaking this very stressful event.

Rachel Kenyon
A convenient way to move and one that gets rid of a lot of the stress. I would definitely recommend Moving Angels.