Handy Hints When Moving

Handy hintsIt is a fact, moving home is stressful. Whether you have hired the services of a professional mover or have recruited family and friends, by the end of the day you will be exhausted. So here are a few tips to help minimise the disruption and possibly distress after your long day.

BEFORE you move

Try to throw out as much as you can at your old home. This means you have less to pack and don’t need to start at your new home by sorting through everything. There is also less to move, which makes it faster and cheaper.


Always pack lighter items in large boxes and heavier items in small boxes. Use clean white paper for wrapping. Do not use newspaper as it can leave black newsprint on your possessions and makes cleaning difficult and time consuming when unpacking.

LABEL Everything

Label everything carefully on the outside of your boxes. Then at your new home, the boxes can be easily placed in their correct rooms, and you can find specific possessions quickly. Remember to write on the tape and not the cartons if possible, so you can reuse the cartons again at a later date.

Create a separate VALUABLES carton

This should contain all those ‘easy to misplace’ and ‘hard to find’ items such as TV and stereo remote controls, bed legs, shelf supports, keys to furniture cabinets and manufacturers’ instructions for reassembly of items. Pack a small tool kit for re-assembling items that couldn’t be moved whole.

First night SURVIVAL

Plan ahead to set aside things you will need on the first night in your new home. For example a kettle, tea and coffee, favourite toys and pyjamas for the kids, baby food and supplies, a change of clothing, a telephone handset, an alarm clock, bathroom necessities, pet needs and other essentials to help you hit the ground running and organised. If possible, precook a meal which can be simply heated up. Something hearty like a casserole will replenish you after a hard day of lugging boxes. Remember the essential items you’ll need for breakfast in the morning – cereal, butter, tea bags, coffee, milk, bread and condiments.

First 24 HOURS

Think about other things you may need in the first 24 hours. Cheque book, wallet, mobile phone and recharger, toilet paper, tissues, matches, garbage bags, light bulbs, detergent and other cleaning items.