Frequently Asked Questions


Do you move furniture?

In short – No. Moving Angels is a specialist packing and unpacking company and we do not offer any transport for your move. However we work closely with a panel of experienced removalists and can recommend a removalist to suit your needs and budget. Ask our friendly staff for for advice and assistance for this part of your move.


Who are the removalists on your panel?

Our recommended removalists are small to medium size business owners and their objective, like ours, is to provide you with a superior level of service in order to gain word of mouth referrals. They do not hire or use sub-contractors. Ask our friendly staff for for advice and assistance for this part of your move.


Can you unpack on the same day as the furniture is delivered?

As long as your removalist arrives at 7.30 to 8am on move day, we can complete the unpacking process on the same day by late afternoon.


What happens if my settlement date is the same day as my move?

Planning is everything. As long as you organise a morning settlement well in advance of your move, no later than 11am, then Moving Angels will begin your unpacking at 12pm. If this is not possible then we can unpack you at 10am the day after your move.


How do I know how many staff I need?

Once we determine the scale of the job, we provide you with a quotation and will advise you of the number of staff required for a complete service. Alternatively if you wish to book a partial service our minimum booking is 2 staff members for 4 hours each (8 hours in total).


Who supervises the Moving Angels team at work?

An experienced Supervisor is allocated to every booking and she manages the work flow. The Supervisor will liaise regularly with you throughout the day to ensure priorities are met.


How will the staff know where to put my things?

It is really very simple. We ask you a comprehensive series of questions on the packing day and each staff member takes extensive notes for each room. Then upon arrival at your new home your booking Supervisor will do a walk-through of your new home and will discuss any special needs or preferences you may have. Then the same team of experienced, well trained Angels will unpack each room that they packed the day before.


How can I have my display units exactly as I had them?

We will work from photographs taken before we commence your packing service.


Do you pack the contents of the refrigerator and freezer?

No, as we pack you the day before your move, these items need to remain chilled overnight. Hence it is your responsibility to take care of the contents of your refrigerator and freezer on move day.


Do you pack our bedding?

If you are not sleeping in the house on the packing day we will pack your bedding. If you are sleeping in the house we will leave cartons for you to place your bedding into on the packing day.


Do you provide packing materials?

White butchers paper, tape and bubble wrap are included in our fixed price quotations.


What do the cartons cost?

If you use our full packing AND unpacking services you do not need to pay for cartons. We provide these at no charge as we take them away and reuse them.

If you use our partial packing and unpacking service we provide cartons for the rooms that we pack and unpack.

If you use our packing service only, cartons are charged in addition to our fixed priced quotation. However you only pay for what we use on the day. These are second hand cartons which is easy on the budget (& the environment too!).


What about insurance?

Whilst accidents seldom happen, Moving Angels offers the peace of mind of Goods in Care, Custody & Control Insurance in the unlikely event that an item is broken whilst your goods are in our physical and legal control. Breakages or damages during uplift, delivery or transit are the responsibility of your removalist and will be deemed to fall within the boundaries of the insurance policy you take with them.


What about cleaning?

Our quotations are based purely on packing and unpacking. Please consider hiring a cleaning service to clean the cupboards at your new home prior to our arrival on unpacking day, particularly if you are moving into a rental, newly renovated or newly built property.


Does Moving Angels work weekends?

Yes we do work on Saturdays; however the weekend rate is different from the weekday rate as Australia’s Fair Work System requires us to pay staff a higher rate.


What follow up is done after the service?

Every client is asked to complete a ‘How Do We Rate’ survey at the completion of their home set up. All clients are also contacted by Moving Angels in the days following their move to check their level of satisfaction with the work completed.